My Classes

“If your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30,  you are old. If it is completely flexible at 60 you are young” – Joseph Pilates

Pilates teaches you to be in control of your body. By using controlled and precise, non aerobic movement sequences you will learn to target the deep postural muscles and achieve a balance between strength and flexibility. Pilates is designed to promote good posture and focused breathing.

What to expect
Classes are fun and sociable and kept to a maximum of 12 so everyone gets lots of the personal attention and correction that Body Control Pilates is noted for.
The environment is supportive and non- competitive where everyone can develop at their own pace. Pilates teaches you how to rediscover good movement not only in your class but in your everyday life.
Daily stress can affect the way we carry our bodies. Poor posture, tension and too much time sitting at a desk all take their toll. Pilates with its fundamentals of concentration, breathing and relaxation can help. During a class you focus your mind on your body and this works wonders on quietening the mind.

What to wear
Comfortable clothes such as t-shirt and leggings/track bottoms. However nothing too loose as it is important that I can see the movement and body alignment. No footwear is needed, but please wear socks. I provide all equipment needed for each class. You may however like to bring a bottle of water.

How do I start?
The best way to start is by giving me a call or contacting me via email. I can answer any questions you have and if you wish to proceed I will email or post an enrolment form to you. This form asks questions about your medical history, current health and fitness levels and your objectives and needs to be returned before you attend your first class.

The Woodcroft Club
254 Eltham High Street

Royal Blackheath Golf Club

Thaxted Church Hall
Margaret Street